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Extempore Off The Cuff Public Speaking Contest

June 19th | 19:00 – 20:30 CET (GMT+2)


Watch live this light-hearted ‘off the cuff’ public speaking contest, brought to the 2020 Online European Conference for the first time.

Being able to ‘think on your feet’ quickly is a key skill to have in everyday life.

You will be entertained watching members of JCI talk about random objects and more without any preparation (‘extempore’).

The winner of this contest will be announced at the online Awards Ceremony on Saturday evening.

The live stream will be in the JCI Europe members facebook group.

Participants in this contest are currently limited to those who took part in the extempore training on June 17th.

Work Language: English


Mark Smith

2020 JCI Vice President

Heidi Jäntti

2020 JCI EDC Councilor

Gareth Carson

JCI Sheffield (JCI UK)

Valérie van Kemenade

JCI Edinburgh (JCI Scotland)

Organiser: JCI Europe