Grow Your Chapter to a New Level by Using the 9 Principles of Effective Chapters

June 18th | 20:00 – 21:30 CET (GMT+2)

Capacity: no limit for the number of participants

Grow your chapter to a new level by using the 9 principles of effective chapters.  You will get a deep insight into the core of our organization and learn how you can transform your chapter to deliver on the JCI mission. 

The seminar establishes 9 principles that are crucial for every chapter to be successful. During the course, the attendees will get deep insight in JCI including our fundament and have the transition into how to use that as the local organisations greatest advantage.


  • Get deep insight into the core of our organization
  • Get familiar with 9 crucial principles of running a successful local organization.

Work Language: English


Natascha Joof

2020 JCI EDC Chair