June 16th | 20:00 – 21:30 CET (GMT+2)

max. 30 participants

This course provides an overview of JCI – the structure (JCI Excom, Board, Committees, JCI Europe), the key activities where members can experience JCI (trainings, academies, conferences) and the key projects / programs / campaigns of JCI internationally and JCI Europe.

During this course the participants learn the structure of JCI, the Strategic Plan, the Plan of Action, who our key partners are, which key programs and academies JCI offers.

This course also shows the participants how they can contribute to JCI on various levels (like committees, appointees, EDC, Board, etc.) and why they should be active members.


  • The main objective of this course is to explain our organisation to our members to make the goals more addressable to members and activate members to engage more on the international level.
  • Often members can lack information about the main goals of JCI, what the Strategic Plan is, what the positions are, at which academies/conferences they can take part and why there is the UN logo in the JCI logo, this training is meant to fill the knowledge gaps.

Work Language: English

Manuela Weber

JCI European Development Council Counsillor

Manuela has been responsible for the International Affairs of JCI Germany (State level then National level) for three years and was JCI Germany National President last year. She has created this course the first time in 2016 and since then offered it every year to inform the members about JCI and to motivate them to engage internationally.