Conscious Leadership

June 13th | 17:05 – 19:05 CET (GMT+2)


How to make better decisions by developing your leadership skills, offering a better workplace and culture. Improve the quality and effectiveness of your life and business. Inspire excellence, be the change you want to see.

Work Language: English

Joe Dalton

Trusted Advisor | International Executive Coach | Radio Show Host | Inspirational Speaker | TEDx Speaker

Joe is a Trusted Advisor and International Executive Coach, Radio Show Host, Inspirational Speaker and Tedx Speaker. He is an exceptional business person, with vast expertise in sales and marketing, both in Ireland and abroad, with a proven record of accomplishment in achieving year on year company growth and regularly exceeding defined targets. His strength lies in successfully managing and motivating teams to achieve business growth.

Joe has an ability to increase a business’s income and success. He uncovers hidden assets, overlooked opportunities, and untapped possibilities. He has an innate understanding of how a company can use the internet to enhance brand awareness. He also translates all the tech jargon and breaks it down in layman’s terms.

Joe works with successful businesses who are challenged by ‘too many ideas but not enough time’ and want to simplify their business so they can make more money by working smarter. Aside from being the Chairperson of DublinSouthFM, he also has 2 successful business shows on the Irish radio.